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Prometheus P O, X

Minos Prometheus P. O., X was initiated into the Minoan Brotherhood, Temenos Theophoros, in March of 2003, in Long Beach, California. Over the next 5 years, he trained with Minos Apollon M.K., X

Prometheus had studied alternate religions since his early 20's. This led him to Paganism and later Witchcraft, which he practiced as a solitary for many years. He began his studies in earnest with Gavin and Yvonne Frost of the Church and School of Wicca, however, like may gay men in the craft, Prometheus became more concerned as his studies progressed; The Frost's were willing to initiate a gay man, but required that in circle Prometheus would pair up with the opposite gender for all workings. When Prometheus expressed his concerns, the Frosts kindly helped him to look for a path that would be more comfortable. Eventually it was Author Christopher Penczak, who would point Prometheus to the Minoan Brotherhood. 


The occult saying that "When the Seeker is ready, the Teacher will Appear," is valid. But a Seeker of the Mysteries must know that all any teacher can conscientiously provide is companionship on the journey. Prometheus says, "I cannot teach by speaking, writing or lecturing. My role is to mediate the Seeker's connection to the inner-world, the Goddess and the God, as deeply and truly as I can, and to aid their personal evolution through the symbology and framework of the Minoan Brotherhood."

They Kydonia Line, flowing from Minos Apollon, stresses Brotherhood and the bond of Perfect Love and Perfect Peace. We celebrate the mysteries unique to men who love men through ritual, magic, spiritual development and the worship of the Great Goddess and Her Divine Son. Further, it has always been Prometheus's goal to found a Grove with the stated purpose of honoring each individual's journey, assisted by the Goddess and God, towards becoming truly conscious and to know their Inner Divine Self. Catharmos Grove is about the Minoan Tradition, but underlying the ritual and religion, the magickal focus of the Grove is on deep Shadow-work, and the fruition of individual potential.

Why Gay Witchcraft? Many Traditions and Covens welcome gay men and women as Seekers, however, their belief is that same-sex pairings either do not work; or that the energy raised by same sex couples is out of harmony with mixed sex circles. There is some truth to this position, in that same-sex partners do have a special frequency all their own, but the end result even the myth cycles of the Craft support a heterosexual viewpoint; gay men and women are, once more, being asked to deny their sexuality in the name of religion. It is for this reason that Eddie Buczynski founded the Minoan Brotherhood and Sisterhood. In the Brotherhood we have a way to honor not only the Goddess and God, but also our own sexual natures.

If you are a man who loves men, over the age of 18 and committed to a path of spiritual growth that will bring you deeper knowledge of your divine nature, please contact Minos Prometheus P.O., X of Temenos Catharmos.


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