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If you are a man who loves men, over the age of 18 and committed to a path of spiritual growth that will bring you deeper knowledge of your divine nature, please contact Minos Prometheus P.O., X

Outer Court

This series of classes acts as both Witchcraft 101, as well as a Minoan Tradition Primer. Time is spent getting all seekers "on the same page" about the various forms of Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft, with a special focus on gay spirituality. This training period includes magickal exercises as well as historical context and addresses individual goals and concerns. Completion of this training does not guarantee initiation, but it does provide a foundation that the student may build on no matter what path he chooses.


First Degree

Once initiated, the Priest will receive specific training in the Minoan Tradition, it's rituals, tools and forms, as well as a deepening of each Priest's personal magickal work. This training, generally lasting a year and a day, is formalized and structured. Provided all assignments are complete, and at the discretion of the Minos, First Degree training culminates in elevation to the Second Degree.

Second Degree

After the Priest has been initiated into the Second Degree, training becomes less structured and more focused on the individual's personal work- particularly shadow work and a deeper relationship with the Goddess and the God. The Second Degree Priest is also expected to begin teaching/mentoring Outer Court seekers and First Degree Priests under the guidance of Minos Prometheus. Provided all assignments are complete, and at the discretion of the Minos, Second Degree training culminates in elevation to the Third Degree. 

Third Degree

Once the Priest has been given the Third Degree initiation, he is now considered a High Priest, or Minos in the Minoan Brotherhood. At this point he may continue to serve the Grove, or to hive off and found a Grove of his own. Formal training in this degree is on Coven Craft, pastoral counseling and the deeper mysteries of magick.



Seekers, Please Note: Temenos Catharmos does not teach via the web past the Outer Court materials. The nature of Witchcraft is experiential and as such, Minos Prometheus believes, requires a "hands on" approach. Thank you. 

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